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what the heck is polenta?! Answered

I'm lookn at this recipe for polenta orange cake, and its (suprise suprise) asking for 1/2 a cup of polenta. my pals say it mexican, but my gals tell me it french. google yeilds little, and wiki says it some sort of dutch pastry, what im trying to get at is WHAT IS POLENTA. but more importantly im down in ft. hood texas, where can i find it (killeed, harker heights)


Mostly, I don't like people who try to pretend that it's something other than overpriced flavored mayonnaise.

It's not really mayonnaise if done properly, but sold as you describe I wouldn't disagree with.


This time, I actually saw my post disappear....

Anyway, good point. Some recipes don't include eggs.

The word is Italian -- neither your pals nor your gals are correct.  The best English description is "corn meal mush" (but would you pay $20 at a restaurant for mush?).

Look in the refrigerated pasta section of your local supermarket.

So good you posted it twice...
Like Pizza, peasant-food made "posh" in recent years.


That's weird.  I only had one interaction, and it only showed up once for me after posting.  But when I followed your reply, there was the second copy.  I've deleted it; thanks!

It's ground maize.


.  Google turned up many good hits and Wikipedia has an excellent article on polenta.