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what to do when you find a whale washed up on the beech??? Answered

I want to know what to do if i find a whale on the beech if i ever do???

Please help




Best Answer 7 years ago

Well, you should notify the local authorities, whoever has jurisdiction over the particular beach area where the whale is.
I once watched the U.S. Coast Guard supervise a tug boat that hooked a long cable to a dead whale and towed it about 20 miles out to sea and then cut it loose. Mother nature and the scavengers took care of it from there.

+1. Exactly. Contact the authorities, and let them call in the appropriate team.

First step will be to find out if the whale is alive and rescue it if so. That's a job for experts, and the sooner you call the better the odds the animal has.

If it's already dead, the authorities have procedures in place for disposing of dead critters, from roadkill to those put down at animal shelters to, yes, whales. Let them handle it. That's one of the things your taxes pay for them to do.

Chop the tree down! You probably intended "Beach." "Beech" is a tree.

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usually if not a hazard to public health they get left.

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Well this has now been answered - I hope

As for being funny - Well I think so :-) Chill a bit. Criticism is only intended to help us all get better.

Be polite and don't yell. Otherwise the whale might wake up.

Local authority have responsibility - Report it.

Actually, I was assuming that the question was a come-on to get someone to repost this link....

(Ideally, you should also link to one of the articles which describe the whole fiasco. I'm too lazy to dig one out right now.)

It's a true internet-classic, I think I saw this first in the early 90's



7 years ago

Stay away from it, it might explode because of decomposition...