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what to do with 2 15" LCD monitors with a bad backlight? Answered

the inverters are no good so reparing and selling is out of the question.
so is using them, i already have a new one for my desktop and multiple monitors never work out for me.
my laptop could possibly have another monitor hooked up to it but i still cant replace the inverters.

it would be too expensive to fix either, (one has a bad inverter and the other has a whole bad power board) i can power up one, a Samsung SyncMaster 740N, it has no backlight, and repairing it would cost too much.

i can also power up the other one, an Acer AL1706, without using the power board, but a PC power supply. the LCDs are ok as far as i can tell without backlights (ive had them both hooked up to my laptop to test them), so what can i do with these two monitors?
i have no clue what to do with them, i need some inspiration.

one of my friends suggested i use the acer one, with a LED backlight, in my car in conjunction with a PC, when i get my car, that is.


Often times an inverter board can be repaired for a few capacitors -- thats usually what fails.

no, i replaced all of the capacitors in the samsung monitor, but the backlight still doesnt turn on, i tried with known-good ccfls, but still no light.

That's sad :(

Not a whole lot you can do with them then.

...make a projector ?

yea that would be possible, but it would be quite a bulky projector using a 15" LCD.

i remember reading a instructable that was sort of like a rear projection TV, it had a projector and a camera, it sed infrared to sense where your fingers were, do you think i could make one of those with one of these LCD's? i like to draw, so instead of scanning drawings onto the computer i could draw them right on the screen, im going to search for that instructable and see if its possible..

You could.

Any new backlight would work =-- you can just lay the lcd element on an overhead projector to fake a computer projector.

no, i was asking about the instructables like this one:

As frollard said, a dead inverter doesn't always mean the end of the line for an LCD...have you checked into buying and installing a replacement? Search Instructables for "LCD backlight" for info; it's not too difficult.

If you can't find an inverter for a CCFL backlight, play around with other options, like LEDs. You could sit it on top of an old negative viewing lightbox, or build your own lightbox. Again, Ibles search is your friend.

The other option that comes to mind is making a ghetto projector. Check government surplus sources to find the overheads that they're selling after putting digital projectors in all the schools.

ive checked into replacement power boards, but they are much too expensive for a monitor i dont absolutely need, i just wanted to do something with them instead of throwing them away.