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what to do with 2 broken laptops Answered

I have 2 broken laptops, one doesnt start and i think something got split on it so i think the motherboard is fried but i suspect the screen, HDD and Memory is ok.

the other works fine, boots up but the keyboard and track pad are not working, the USBs work so i can plug in a USB keyboard and mouse and use it that way, or i can use synergy so i can use the keyboard and mouse off my main computer and effectively use it as an extension of my main machine.

any ideas what i could do with them, other than pack them with explosives and video the results lol



intresting idea, I like it, might be a little small though, maybe my niece could sit on it.

or maybe i could get a load of other dead computer stuff together and make a throne hmmmm

Like it though, good suggestion and original, very creative

I wouldn't assume that just because something got spilt on one that it is "fried".
Back when I worked in tech support I had a laptop couriered to me by one of our top sales guys who had managed to spill "a little bit of coffee" in it. When I opened the jiffy bag coffee actually poured out of it, on further investigation it appeared that he had dropped one of those huge bucket type coffee cups so popular in high street coffee shops all of it went straight onto the keyboard & the machine immediately stopped working.
The hard drive was removed & put into an identical machine & worked fine right away, the machine itself sat on a shelf for about three months until I was in work one weekend doing some server maintenance, this involved lots of waiting while stuff looked after itself so I decided to test something a colleague told me he had done.
I stripped the machine down removed all the cables & put the motherboard into the dishwasher in the office kitchen; one hot wash later the board came out no longer smelling like Starbucks, I left it overnight & Sunday afternoon while I waited for a seemingly endless stream of data to be copied to archive disks I reassembled the laptop with a replacement hard drive & with a little trepidation hit the power button.
I used that laptop every day for at least a year before I replaced it with a newer one & passed it on to a junior project manager who was still using it when I left the company about eighteen months later.

i'm an IT engineer so i know they arent dead but they require parts to get them up and running and i cant use parts from the others to repair one of them as they are all different makes and models, beleave me I have tried. I'm not saying they and 100% dead as i know they arnt but i just dont have the parts to get them working again.

I have had a few incidents of things being spilled on laptops, i put one in a bath after a 9 year old spilled juice on it, popped it in the airing cupbaord for a week and it booted up fine afterwards.

I also used to clean keayboards in the dishwasher as well ;-)

I love stories like this! They're my idea of civil disobedience--never give up!

you could try combining the working parts together to make a working one but if that dosent work, just blow them up!

none of them are compatible with each other otherwise i would have done that.

I might just blow them up

I now have 5 laptops all broken all non compatible with each other, so still thinking what to do, wondering if i could remove the screens and use them some how but i dont know how i would rig them up.


6 years ago

I say... Pack them with explosives and video the results!

I do have enough ingredients to make a kg or 2 of flash powder, but i know that 20g of it would turn it in to tiny bits so not much fun there really,

heres the results of 17g of mine in a bag of flour



Give it to a kindergarten ... kids love this kind of "toys" :D

Otherwise...gather the smaller parts like keys and wire and upcycle an old tray. Twist the wires around the handles and glue the keys onto the base of the tray. Then get a piece of Plexiglas and hot-glue it on top.

Sounds like an interesting idea. One might take acrylic and make it into a tray table or a small table top.

hmmm, sounds like an interesting idea. One could use acrylic to encase it and make a tray table or small table top also.