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what to do with 30 high voltage camera flash circuits? Answered

I need ideas to use 30 camera flash circuits, as i have bulk i want to use them in an array or all at once.As HiVoltage burst or light does not matterPersistance of vision?Starburst camera jammer?


Make a strobe matrix of flash globes and program a visual into it, either sound driven or coded patterns, flash duration etc.

Not too sure on this one, but could you make a Marx generator or similar with them? You could possibly attempt to make an impressive 3d or matrix one of them. I saw this not long ago on a youtube vid, near the end ( im sure there are others ): What you can do with high voltages? Little-known, but  stunning experiments.


5 years ago

Set them all to oscillate ie charge flash and repeat they wont be exactly
the same timing and pretty soon you got a dizzy fest.. Put color cellophane around several and add reflectors to scatter light.