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what to do with a busted guitar amp? Answered

I have an guitar amp (peavey rage 158) with a blown speaker. Since the amp isnt worth fixing what other then using it for parts can i do with it?


A speaker is just a speaker. The amp is not blown, and so if ti's a good amp already, then it just needs a new driver.

Or, you could gut the amp, build a really great sounding amp, stuff it back in the old box and really blow your friends away with how your guitar playing makes that "trashy old" amp sound so huge.

Are you sure the amp isn't worth fixing? Replacing the speaker is one of the easiest repairs you can do to a guitar amp. A couple of screws/bolts/clamps and either quick connects or solder for the speaker leads and you are done. No one says you have to use the same speaker again. You could use whatever fits and has the correct ohms/power ratings.

It may have been the speaker itself that made you think the amp was "junky"/cheap to begin with. See what you can find around your house or general area to use and you might wind up with something you really like.