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what to do with about literally 10000 rubber bands besides the rubber band ball? Answered

no rubber band  balls or any thing simple
i want something big, like a world record
or a big project


Here's what you do:

1 Get yourself a few pieces of plywood and at least 20,000 nails.

2 Cut each piece of plywood in half the long way.  Place all pieces end-to-end forming one long strip.

3 Drive10,000 nails in a neat, evenly spaced row along one edge of the plywood strip.

4 Select or compose a piece of music with 10,000 or more notes in succession.

5 Stretch a rubber band until it plays a note when strummed; measure it's length. 

6 Drive a nail that distance from the first nail on your plywood strip.  

7 Stretch the rubber band onto the two nails.

8 Repeat steps 5-7 for each note and each rubber band until you've made a row of 10,000 stretched rubber bands.

9 Pluck each rubber band in succession, you've just played a 10,000 note song.

Rubber band room. 1. Hammer nails at different points in a room. 2. Chainlink your rubber bands. 3. Simply stretch them across the room and wrap them around the nails so they will stay on. 4. Yay!!!

Rubberband mummy. or torture, get 2 pieces ofthick ply wood and rubberbands them  together, hold the sides up with rods, when you put someone inside remove the rods. Human mouse trap. 

do you like fishing ? Is so rap them around the bottom of your gripper 5/6oz
leads. well that's if you wana go fishing about 1000 times

it really works


8 years ago

There was an Instructables contest about this very subject.  I suggest you go check it out!

power a catapult

Start a paper route.

make a bunch of knex guns to put em on.