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what to do with old Playstations? Answered

At home I have a PS1 working (just old), a PS2 (fat), drive drawer damaged and a PS2 (slim), think the laser has gone on this.  Apart from junking them what can i do? can they be cobbled together to make a complete unit?  if it fails hey no loss.  Just looking for ideas/instructions on what to do

As I am working away from home this week I am unable to get any particular model details but can check when I get home if this matters


Dont get rid of your PS2! thats my favorite system, and its the best selling system to date, their even makin PS2 game still cuz its so popular even tho they made the PS3, no offense but gettin rid of that PS2 would be the dumbest thing you ever did, that is unless its broken, if it is then you can throw it out, try to fix it if you can, or trick someone into trading a good PS2 for your broken one

They make good conversion cases for other projects...

A new laser trolley can be had for cheap online...as can the drive tray for a ps2 fat.

That said - I think modern art is the way to go with these :D

Frollard to both yourself and Gmoon, great ideas and thanks for taking the time to reply, but its not exactly taxing is it? 
I guess I am keen to get my hands dirty and have a go at making/breaking something even if its pointless,  I know i am being fussy but......

Make away!!  Don't let me discourage you!  That's the nature of this site - be creative, and share what happens.  

From an engineering standpoint, without a masters in EE and a few other tricks up your sleeve, you won't make anything working out of dead electronics quickly or easily. 


8 years ago

-- A working PS1 makes a great CD player.

Does anyone buy CDs anymore? I dunno, but I've got a lot...