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what to do with solar panels ans tiny capacitors Answered

i have a .3 amp .55vdc silicon solar panel what should i make i also have a few tiny capacitors i cant really tell what they require or output.


i just googled it but theres no instructions on howto make one

just found a bunch but i dont quite have the money for suppies...

Neither do I, but I'm working on a third!

The whole concept of BEAM robotics is to make robots cheap, simple, and preferably without microcontrollers. The Mousebot is a nice example. You seem to at least have some interest in electronics, so I have to ask if you have a soldering iron.

Check the local library or books on BEAM robotics other electronics books. The book Junkbots, Bugbots, and Bots on Wheels, by Mark Tilden, is an excellent book on BEAMbots, and it should be because Tilden invented it.

Google for a solar engine. They use a solar cell to trickle-charge a capacitor, then dump the charge through something interesting, such as a small motor, LEDs or a magnetic coil.

Miller engines are most efficient, but one of the parts (the voltage detector) is sometimes hard to get hold of. The easiest one to make is the FLED (flashing LED) solar motor.

Check http://www.solarbotics.net/library/circuits/default.htm for a load of so-called "BEAM" circuits. Solarbotics will supply all the parts, but they can also be scrounged from dead electronics. Have a look at the book Junkbots, bugbots and bots with wheels, or at MAKE magazine for interesting projects of that ilk. Bre Petis did a YouTube video about them, but that was really an advert for one of the MAKE kits.

Basically, it is a bot that gathers electricity from the soler panel, stores it in the capacitor, and then is set up via small micro controller to (in short burst) run around. Some people add extra abilities like to locate a light source to feed. Just a simple way to get in robotics! :D