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what to do with usb? Answered

so I tried to make one of those flash drive case mods where you stick it into an enter key on a keyboard, but I found that the flash drive I used (which I'd found in a computer at my school) doesnt work. The whole thing was all sticky and stuff when I removed it from the casing, so I just threw it away. But I kept the metal USB connecor at the end. Does anyone have any ideas as to a cool project I can do with this thing? I'll post the one I do on this site.


yes Ive seen many of the usb instructables here but thats not what I meant. 1) those incorporate usb devices mostly, and all I have is the connector (with no pins in it, i forgot to add) 2)Im asking for suggestions for new projects that if added to the website wouldnt just be repeating another instructable.