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what to put in a matchbox? Answered

i want to know what could go in a match box so far i have made a chest of drawers, ipod holder, flashlight and a dental floss dispenser!


You know those god awful Russian dolls that fit inside each other, How about the same idea as a prank, you know you go to get a match and there is a match box inside, and you open that up, god not another match box, when will it end....
finally you get to one match thats left and its dead..
probably not that funny on a camping trip

I know this idea is kind of out there but have you considered putting matches in it? Just a thought. ;)

well... after I use the whole box up considering I am a Pyromaniac it goes so fast I allways ask my mum to buy me more... p.s. im 11

A small board game.


5 years ago

Amp + batteries and speakers for iPod.