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what type of coin is this? Answered

i am asking this question because i found it on the ground while walking, and i don't know what it is . i gave you two picture shots front and back.
 1 who is the lady
2 what does the bald eagle mean 




Best Answer 5 years ago

Susan B Anthony Dollar.
trifith is right about who Susan B Anthony was.
Note that the eagle is landing on the moon...reference to the US moon landings.

it was Sacagawea not Pocahontas and they came out in 2000

That is a US 1 dollar coin. The lady on the front is Susan B Anthony. The woman known for creating the Amarican flag. The Bald Eagle is the Nation bird of the USA.

I take it your not from the US?

Susan B Anthony was an activist for womens right to vote.

Betsy Ross designed the US flag.

The coin in question is mostly copper and has a melt value significantly below its face value. Take it to a bank if you don't want it, it's still legal tender.

Yep, a Susan B. Anthony dollar.