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what type of current flows in the starship coil and in which amount ? Answered

i want to know that what kind of current is flowing in starship coil because it has winding of naked copper wire so if we give any supply than how it will work?



4 years ago

NOT NAKED but ----
Insulated copper motor magnet wire and
there is 7 cycles AC sinusoidal current flowing through your coil
from an audio amplifier using a signal generator for the input.

This is a non-iron non-air-gap AC motor stator winding (see picture),
known to electrical engineers in every country with AC power.

If a second star winding is placed at an angle to the first and
another 7 cycle AC current is passed through this second coil but
phased by a a quarter cycle then
the magnets will begin to rotate............ A

This is the MAD SCIENCE  Rodin starship coil experiments. video
I make reference to in the above comments ...........

I was wondering is there a easy way to make a starship coil spin a magnet at a very high rpm? Like using a brushless fan circuit?

First of all you don't use bare wire to make a starship coil. You use magnetic wire which has a thin clear plastic coating on it so you can make tight coils without them shorting.

If you want to know how much current the coil will draw then use Ohm's Law (I = V / R). Take the voltage from your power source and divide that by the resistance of the coil. So you won't know till you have made the coil. The length and diameter of the wire will dictate the resistance. The larger the coil is and the more turns you use on it the higher the resistance.

Federation, Klingon, Romulan?

They all don’t use copper the plasma conduits are made of transparent reactive biopolymer magnets, much like the flexible magnets on your refrigerator door.

When plasma is present in the conduit it polarizes the electrons in the conduit like a capacitor creating a field to contain the plasma there is no current flow in the conduit itself.

Now copper coils will do in a pinch creating a magnetic field by current flow through the copper coils however reactive biopolymer magnets are much more energy efficient.


That is very much like our own ionic nerve propagation.


Yes it is very much like neural biology.

Did you do know Star Trek technology is based in real theoretical physics.

That is why I tell people if they just want a basic understanding of physics read SiFi it is just as accurate and it is more entertaining than a textbook.

This is also why SiFi writers like me watch our BS our fans tend to tell us when we get it wrong.

Larry Niven made that mistake in Ringworld, in the first printing of Ringworld he rounded off the acceleration of Earth’s gravity to 10 meters a second from 9.80 meters a second just to make the math easier to do. 9.80 meters a second being an absolute number denoted by ending in 0 you should never do this. Well his fans let him know he made a booboo.

In the second printing he commented on the flak from his fans saying he was a writer not a Theoretical Physicist and he was not going to rewrite the book for one little math error.

In the third printing he rewrote the book.

I was cleaning my lab the other day look at what I found.


Niven wrote wonderful books
  • Fleet of Worlds
  • Known Space
  • Ringworld
  • The Smoke Ring
  • The Mote In God's Eye

Are some favorite  SiFi novels i can fondly recall ....

I have read a lot of his work also.

Isn’t it funny how the movie is never the same as the book.


Not just his work but other writers also.

A few of his stories have been adapted for TV like Inconstant Moon on The Outer Limits and The Soft Weapon adapted for Star Trek.


Oh ... Iv seen many Outer Limit etc.

Even bought a ringworld game which was hideous room to room crawling
No moving about`except the book path. 
Left it after a 1/4 of the trip.

Yea  ....  the movie or game is never the same as the book.

Nurse, we need IV tinfoil, stat!

I see I have unwittingly entered THAT part of the internet again!

The Fringe area of the Twilight Zone.


4 years ago

It's copper surrounded by transparent aluminum so you can't see some of the critical components because they don't reflect light. As far as a current its positronic current which is the same that is used in the artificial brains of the robots. (Positronic processors)

Have you forgotten your reactor theorems so soon after graduation? It is a Pulsed DC waveform of INFINATE Amperes for one microsecond. Any more than that would rip apart the fabric of space!