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what type of guitar is best for a biginner? Answered

I want to learn how to play a electric guitiar but what ype is the best to start with?



My first guitar cast £10 from a second hand shop - Acoustic and rubbish but it a) got me started B) made sure I was able to play and would carry on C) made me appreciate what I needed to buy to get better.

Something you know and like will be a good start - you will soon need to find others to play with to progress.

Something simple, something used. Consult your local music store.

As far as name a model? I've got a Gibson Maestro, decent enough guitar, needed new strings though cuz the ones it came with where junk.

i didnt now you play a gibson and bagpipes...... i am awed

Thanks, I need to practice with both, a lot.

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7 years ago

I agree with NachoMahma. Budget is the first thing that comes to my mind. When I bought my first guitar, I was told in the store that a guitar too cheap could break my enthusiasm to learn because:
1. strings could be too hard to press down to get a proper sound
2. the sound of the guitar could be really bad due to how well the guitar is built
3. intonation could be way off

A guitar too expensive is just your own risk of how much money you want to burn in case you don't like to really keep on rocking.
Advise from a store surely is good, but make sure to try out different guitars in terms of how you can press down the strings (is it easy, hard to do), how well your left hand can slide up and down the frets, how thick you want the guitars neck to be (some find a thin one easier to play, others like it thicker).
It all comes down to personal preference in this case.

I tried an acoustic Fender for $150 once and it was all right. I wouldn't go for a brand not well known. I settled for a Fender for about $450, but this wasn't my first guitar. But I would definitively advise not to go lower than around the $150, unless it's a special offer.

I would start (if you don't want to get a teacher) with a friend showing you the basics first. Somewhere around 3 chords gives you the first steps for playing complete songs (just as the rythm guitar). Once someone has shown you the principle of how chords work, it's easy to learn more and get to more complicated songs. Regular songbooks for guitar usually give you text and chords so you can actually play along.

If there's no one available to show you the basics, there should be enough "starter"-books.
As I don't know what bookstores are available, I cannot tell you the titles of the books that would be available.
But there's plenty of them and you could even check the internet.

Should you want to play lead guitar, I would suggest going with a teacher, too.
There are some books on that, too, but it's easier to have a teacher as you need much more basic knowledge here.

I hope I could help a little.

Have fun learning guitar. It's a little cumbersome in the beginning as your fingers will hurt at the start, but it's really great once you get started.

I would say a fender just because they are durable and fairly easy to start with BUT they cost a good chunk of change unless you get like a starter kit (them have them at guitar centers web site) I also recommend silvertone and dean AS STARTER guitars they will only last about 5 years (depending on how you take care of them) and personally Gibson is great but they are for more experienced players.

I would say any (everyone learns differently) so just see what works and have fun i also recommend using youtube to your advantage for learning songs and such

.  I suggest that you consult with a local music store. Find one that can also service your guitar (eg, intonation, fret adjustments, &c). They are the ones that can fix problems quickly and (after taking shipping into account) at a reasonable price. Ask other local guitar players for recommendations.
.  A lot of what determines which guitar is best for you is your budget. How much do you have to spend?

I suggest you find a teacher and let them help you find a guitar that is good for you.