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what type of this ir sensor?? Answered

what type of this ir sensor??


i got one but it has three pins!!!!!!!!!!!

From the looks of the schematic, it is a countdown timer to run a motor for ???? or maybe a novel clock . The sliding contact supplies power to the PIC, so one can deduce that the board the PIC is on moves/rotates. The IR LED is always on, so it must trigger the IR Sensor (phototransistor as steveastrouk pointed out) when it passes. Usually the IR LED and IR Sensor are purchased as a matched pair. Check to see what the parts list (if there is one) calls for. Then look at the major online suppliers to see what is available.


.  Some type of Persistence Of Vision (POV) display with the IR LED/PT pair for registration? (wild guess)

It's got hours and minutes buttons and so I am guessing that this is some kind of POV clock.
The IR sensor is pared with the IR LED on the motor to trigger the display in synch with the rotation so that the display 'hovers' at a readable angle. With this in mind you would be unlikely to get away without it.

So, like the other commenter said - buy yourself a matched pair and you'll be alright. Exact type not required - they all do pretty much the same thing - and it if doesn't work the only adjustment you would need is likely to be the resistor (currently 10k).

if i don't have an ir sensor can i short the circuit

SO I WILL PUT A  phototransistor

there are several types i need what is it exactly

Please tell us what you're trying to do and what the problem is. These vague questions aren't likely to help you.


If you don't know what it is, why were you asking if you could remove it?  Do you know what this schematic is for?  Is it something you're trying to build?  If you don't provide useful information, it is very hard to for anyone else to answer your questions.