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I bought a USB EXTENSION cable and it shows me USB malfunctions what is wrong



Plus, if you're trying to use it to network two computers, don't. It has to have a special bit of hardware in the middle, or you will fry your computers. Trust me. You can get usb to usb cables which have packages claiming you can use them to network, but it isn't so.


10 years ago

Technically, a USB "extension" cable is not permitted by the USB specification. In theory, the ONLY allowed cables have an "A" male connector on one end and a "B" male connector on the other end. Those little foot-long A-male to A-female that frequently come with flash drives? Not legal. Funny harddrive cables with two A-male connectors for more power? Not legal. Cable "sets" that let you attach any gender/type connector on either side to make anything? Definitely not legal. But we live in a capitalistic society, where eventually someone will sell pretty much anything that someone is willing to buy. That doesn't mean that they'll work in all circumstances. Trying to push 480Mbps down some kludge of a cable is easier said than done, and even if your end device isn't running 480Mbps, the signaling may have to go that fast. Max USB cable length is 5 meters (~16ft); determined by the "round trip time" for a signal to get out to the device and back from your computer. Any combination of cables is suspect, any combination exceeding 16feet is getting really questionable. Now, in theory, you can put a USB hub out there at 16 feet, and then string another 16ft USB cable, and there are people who sell "active extender cables'" that are essentially one-port HUBs. (a USB hub regenerates the signals to allow this to work.) But then you run into problems if the device expects to be powered from the USB cable, since the hub consumes some of the power. Or you could just have a bad cable :-) Can you be more explicit about what cable you have, how long it is, what sort of device you are trying to connect, and what sort of error you are seeing?

Do you understand what they're saying? The power and signals from a USB port can only be read for so long before the signal isn't strong enough to be read by the computer or the drive. You could just cut the cord down to 5-6 feet and solder/wrap the same wires together to make it shorter.

My little portable external drives come with a special cable that has 2 USB plugs on one cable end to boost up the power when needed. Try to check your cable so that all the leads are wired through from end to end. Your USB device might need extra power to work.

you might be too long or your computer might not have enough power. Try using it in a powered hub

we have tried it to and it showed nothing at the dealer store dont know why