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what will the next knex- bigshot be Answered

we need new ideas!!! powfull semi autos, mgs with a mag, really powerfull guns!!!!!!!!! any ideas!?????!


My cannon! Its posted now actually...

K'nex Cannon---Introduction 003.jpg

my m1 has a nade launcher

I modified my pump action rifle to look almost identical to a Koenig H-AVR

What do people do with these guns? I see a lot of 'how to make's but no one really goes into 'how to use'. Do you shoot each other, or cans and stuff? Could we see a K'NEX target, with knock-down ducks or something similar? L

My cousin (Michael) has built a target out of K'NEX that spins around like those at a fair. And as for the comment about what to do with them I suppose 1.I never though about it 2. Its really up to the builder A very good question my hats off to you. (not that I was wearing one in the first place)

shoot cans, blast ur m8s and stuff like that soon ive got a gun comin that'll go through 2 cans one infront of the other

I have a pump action crossbow that i will be posting soon with mag and true trigger.I do not want to give to much away. Does anyone know why it will not let me post pics?

do u want all of thse assets combined?

hey! check out my new semi auto i fires a round 40 feet!

I have a actual reevolver true trigger and it actually looks like a gun will post soon

postin mine in a few hours....... if its the only one do i win the camera?

which is the best of those 3? (the 1s on the screen)

lemonie, i made a knex target stand, i might post pics of it

what we need to do is have a nather contest then instructables we be flying in our faces because everyone wants to win.