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what would be a good material to make poker chips? Answered

hello everyone,
as part of my new poker table project i decided to make also the chips.
 what materials would you reccomend me to work with, knowing that i dont have a workshop.
(i was thinking about concrete).
would really like to hear your thoughts and opinions

best regards.


You can use the caps or corks of the bottles. I think it would look good and you would not gonna be costing any money.


10 months ago

I would look into buying round hardwood dowels and cutting them into matching disks on a chop saw. Then lightly sand them, make a brand and heat brand them with numbers/ designs, and then stain or wood dye them.

if you really wanted to be on a budget, home made playdough would work. Flower water salt. I irc , that's all you need. But google it.

air drying clay


This kind of reminds me of Chris Hackett's ideas for post-apocalyptic coinage, as described in this video:

Dan & Downunder, thank you...

from some reason i cant replay to your comments.

i have no exp with melting pewter, dont know if its a good idea to :-)

as for card board, we're looking for something that can give us the feeling of "youre not in a casino, buthey... thats close enough".

so, after doind a little research... im thinking about fimo... wayyy easier than regular clay. cure at regular oven degrees which makes things easier.

and i actuelly think that it can work.

any thoughts?

you want unique homemade chips, then Fimo sounds good. work it like making cookies. rolling pin, cookie cutters comma Etc.

im not certain, however that Fimo will cost less then buying factory made chips. you may want to do the math before buying enough for your thousand chips

I've made punches from steel tubing for a number of purposes. A hacksaw and a file is all u really need. Electrical conduit or an old bike frame will work for tubing. Get a nice edge on one end of the tubing. To Punch discs out of cardboard, just put scrap lumber under the cardboard, hammer the punch thru it. Easy, quick, cheap, 1000 discs should come quick.

Take some plaster and make two matching halfs of a casting form with it.
To start off use a flat piece of plastic and once cured some sharp too to scratch the plaster off for your personal note.
Cast some pewter in it and make as many solid chips as you like....

pennies+ spray paint?

crackers. to go with the cheese and pepperoni.

if you make them a half inch thick, concrete should be fine.

half inch is very thick for a poker chip.
the whole pack would weigth like a brick.


Cheese...to go with the whine when you lose a hand.

tried it already,

we started the evening with 1000 pepperoni chips and 2 doritos for blinds.

before you knew it 781 chips were missing.

but hey thanks for replaying

Concrete is a very brittle material, if you drop it on the ground it will break.

Plastic (3D printing)? Wood? Metal?

Will you be posting an Instructable on the project?