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what would be a good way to run a spiral stove element on 120v safely? Answered

i am going to make an electric smoker and want to use an old stove element as the heat source i just need to know how to do it safely and reliably.


Any product that is attached to the mains is potentially deadly.

1. ALL connections should be made so that the bare wires are not exposed.
2. All connections and wires should be heat resistant to over the temperatures you will attain in the device.
3. All electrical connections should be made to meet local codes of practice and checked by a competent engineer.
4. The vessel the device is set in should be earthed or made from none conducting materials so the electrical device is isolated.
5. The supply cable should not form a trip hazard
6. ALL construction materials should be able to withstand substantially more heat than the system will produce even under worse case conditions (eg fault)

There are probably more issues here but this should get you going - Complicated isn't it - Much easier to put a small wood fire under the shavings. or just burn the shavings .

ok guys i have a very substantial electronics background and understand the dangers i just needed to know if 120v would be hot enough and how to put it into a box as to not short it out!

I like the idea of a hot plat a lot better otherwise just watch the heat and use heat rates materials.

You forgot to mention that almost all electric stoves use 220 volts so hooking it up to 120 would not be good. What would work is what they often call a hot plate. That is usually a single element portable cook unit that is made to run on 120.

You would be better off getting an electric hotplate than using the stove element. (This was also pointed out by Vyger). ;)