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what would you do if instructables went out of business?? Answered

just read the title



Best Answer 8 years ago

Run around in small circles, going eep eep eep.

I would probably be a little upset at first and then mI would find another site.

have a nice steaming cup of sulphuric acid

if instructables went out of business, i would do one thing... cry

Cut a toilet seat off one of my toilets and then smash the toilet seat on my head.

i'd be sad (probably 90% of the people would have the same feeling)

I'd just post everything on Youtube.

I'd faint. Then when I come back I'd go insane and jump off a building.

Lock myself in my bedroom, pour gasoline everywhere, then set it on fire.

I'd find another community to waste time with. Instructables is a nice thing, but it isn't the only how-to resource.

I wouldn't be answering questions like this.


I would blame you. and I would take it like somebody famous just got assassinated.

Use other resources on the internet. And maybe start a new version of my own.