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what would you pay? Answered

hey im just curious what you people would pay for this if it were a bicycle engine kit with a maintenance free engine...
it gets 90mpg 35mph and what if it had free installation but looked more professional than in the pictures 


Critiques: (NOT CRITICISMS!!!)

I'd like to see you get away from the angle iron and "stock" clamping brackets to a custom designed bracket and use tube stock for the engine mount. I know it's convenient to use angle iron & stock flat plat clamps, but it looks amateur and the bolts and sharp edges are damage points for humans (I once got a bolt through the calf on a homemade motor bike, and it left a rather nasty would that took close to a year to heal and left a loverly 3/4" diameter scar.

One other thing...a shroud would be nice to see for the engine. It's exposed to the elements as is, and aside from the obvious benefits of weather protection, while an exposed engine has an aesthetic that some might like, I think you'll find the majority of people want things for bicycles that enclose engines and other mechanicals...

You might also consider rotating your engine 90 degrees clockwise, to put the spark plug pointing towards the back and the air intake pointed up, the former to avoid accidentally snapping off the spark plug and reducing overhead height, and the latter to prevent wash from the spinning tired from potentially entering the air intake when riding in wet weather). A scoop could be used to redirect the inflow from the side to allow addition of a carrier platform above the engine...in fact, that might just be a good addition for the "bonnet" anyway...a sort of plus

It looks pretty cool though. Most motor bikes I've seen over the years place the engine inside the center trapezoid.

I'll be honest and say I'm not terribly fond of friction drives, but as an addon kit, rather than a premade bike, I suppose one has to compromise.

Dollar amount. I don't know. I'd have to see it at a later stage.

No offense in my comments...Just observations and hopefully helpful hints.

BTW, where did you get those wheels? The larger number of spokes reminds me of a motorcycle wheel, but it looks as though it's otherwise a standard bicycle wheel

and friction drives dont work in wet weather trust me i doesn't work but what i try to do is get stuff done as cheaply and fast as possible to see and edit my ideas until i perfect my design

Yeah, true that. although your idea is/was to sell this as a kit addon, have you considered a chain drive? My younger brother used a chain drive on his very effectively.

im building one as we speak but its a trailer, i know its funny looking and awkward but im using a beefy 6.5hp engine and perfecting the design, the last design wobbled and jacknifed like crazy, my newest design has a lower center of gravity and stronger steel.

im fourteen and dont have a shop the most advance tool i have is an angle grinder and a drill not even a drill press and they are bmx tires


7 years ago

I've seen any number of bicycle engine kits for under $200 U.S. I would have to come in somewhere in that price range and substantial improvements in your installation package would need to be made.

yeah i would have to clean up the design but, do you think around $150? cuz im thinking about selling this on craigslist

I like how you made your rear fork mount.
Could use you, on a land sailor pusher for windless days.
R U near Reno ?

Yes, try selling it, but take care not to get sued, could ruin a summer or two.


if i have a disclaimer saying im not responsible for anything after sold, could that avoid getting sued no live in florida

Seriously: put a bit more money on the line and get a lawyer's opinion on that before you start. Free legal advice on the Internet is generally not worth what you pay for it, and in this kind of thing the EXACT wording may matter.

Hey, don't get scared off. You have some good ideas there. The talk about suits is real, but don't make too much out of it. you haven't sold anything yet....Just keep plugging away at your design...improve improve improve.

Yep. If/when you're ready to start a serious business, then you will probably want to make the investment. There are a lot of good resources available to small businesses -- check with your local library and/or town hall, who can probably tell you what's available free or cheap.

I Am Not A Lawyer, but as a general rule you can't ask people to sign away their right to sue in advance. Or rather, you can ask -- and that might scare some of them off -- but such clauses generally can't be enforced.

You can *always* be sued, if someone wants to go after you. The question is whether they're likely to do so, and whether they'd win. The latter is more likely to be determined by "fitness for stated purpose" than by anything else... so this may partly be a matter of how you state the purpose. If you sell it as an experimenter's kit, my guess is that it might be held to a different standard than if you claim it's a finished product -- but again, I Am Not A Lawyer, so don't trust my instincts. Common sense and law are different things.

One suggestion: a shroud over the drive shaft/drive wheel could reduce the risk of someone getting hair or clothing caught in it. That and/or burns and/or "runaway vehicle" accidents strike me as the most likely ways for people to get in trouble with this. A shroud might help with the burn risk too (thought you want to make sure enough air gets through to cool the engine). For the other issue... Is there a fast way to disengage the motor from the wheel if the throttle does get stuck? Or will it reliably stall out if you grab the brakes?

no fast way without getting off the bike but the engine doesn't have enough power so it will stall no matter what with brakes

I couldn't give you a price, but I will say that at that price you are going have to sell a buyer on the fact that yours is better than the commercially built kits that cost about the same.

not this specific one, im building a new one from scratch with steel instead of aluminum