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what          would be a great summer project to build with my kids? Answered

My daughter November is now 6 and my son memphis is now 3. It is her first summer vacation and i would like to make it fun and memorable but keep her brain working hard but have a good time.


you could try trips to the park,as a nature walk or the zoo....cause being a kid is learning all about the environment.....or plant a seed...kids love watching things grow..... not sure if this will help.. :]

get a marker and a ball and make a planet for educational reasons


9 years ago

Okay, man, you got to stimulate their imagination... get some pvc piping, a hack saw, some duct tape, and some tube foam and make some toy swords.... They dont hurt too bad when you get hit and their just harmless fun... Plus, if you want your kids to get exactly the toy theyve always wanted, let them design themselves...if you need more info or designs or anything, contact me at mm_powerman100@machlink.com *caution, you must have patience... it takes practice and with children harping you, it may be frustrating... try it out first before you get them all excited.

I have a little brother who is going into 2nd grade, and I'm doing the same thing. I want him to learn rather than spend the summer in front of an xbox. *shudder* He's reading and doing math already, so I'm going to do a bit of multiplication with him. He's taken to it already! This might be a little too much for your daughter, but here are some things I've got on my list for Nick. -The food chain -Crystals/Light to make rainbows -the solar system -oragami -sitting down each night and reading about an animal- we have these GREAT animal flash cards from when I was a kid, but the internet would work great. A quick example would be tigers- where the live, what they eat, what little tigers are called, how they grow up, why they have stripes, etc. Good luck an have fun!

The human brain needs down time in order to fully integrate information (knowledge) already acquired- this allows the brain to create associations and relationships between unconnected bits of data. That being said- cooking is an excellent science project with a fun reward, the park offers many opportunities for observing the interactions in the natural world, a playground offers numerous physical activities to build muscles and increase kinesthetic senses. Most of the time kids don't realize they are learning with these activities- but their brains and bodies are growing constantly. Hope this helps.