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whats a good alternative to Chickpeas (garbanzo beans) (see question)? Answered

Hi everyone

i recently tried roasting chickpeas as a snack and they worked out pretty nice with a good texture but I'm not to keen on the taste, so i was wondering what are some good alternatives to chickpeas as a toasted snack. preferably something around chickpea size that can be flavored with things like onion powder, and will have a nice crunchy texture  :)

thank you!


Roasted edamame is a nice alternative to chickpeas for a snack. You can roast them the same way as chickpeas and season them however you like. The outside will puff and get nice and crunchy. (You can buy them shelled and frozen, just thaw under running water to minimize the roasting time).

thanks canucksgirl!!! i've never heard of edamame so it sounds like i should google it ;) thanks again

You're welcome. Its a Japanese name for a type of soybean. They're fairly common now (the cheapest is frozen in a bag). They're super healthy and taste good too.


5 years ago

According to my wife, great northern beans or butter beans (lima beans) are the best alternatives to chickpeas. (She hates chickpeas too, though I like them.)

+1 for butter beans