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whats a good free webhost that takes html and css? Answered

ive been lookin 4 alot of them but i cant find 1 and freewebs doesnt do css and html so im at a loss and suggestions? (i would like it free i dont have alot of money to spend)



8 years ago

<font><a href="http://www.000webhost.com/212146.html">http://www.000webhost.com/212146.html</a><br /><br />1.5 GB of space... and completely free as well.<br /></font>

Web search tip:
When searching for something free or cheap, do not ever include the words "free" or "cheap" in the search. You are almost guaranteed junk results.

Some places you can look for advice:

Handy if you want to try registering somewhere, but the privacy policy is an unreadable load of legalese:

As Lemonie said, paid services can be quite cheap. For example, I picked NearlyFreeSpeech.NET for its no-frills, no-fine-print service. The main selling points for me was that it was extremely cheap and that they couldn't bill me for more than the few dollars I put in the account. $9 would get you your own domain name for a year and $1 enough bandwidth to show it off to friends. (You can get domain names cheaper than $9, such as from GoDaddy, but they will sell it in a heartbeat if you are slow to renew, and you should be ready for some serious junk mail in the meantime.)

When's your birthday? Ask a relative if they might buy you a 12month package with domain? Since these things can be cheap, there are advantages to paying a small amount.