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whats a good knex gun with a magazine/clip? Answered

I been trying to find a knex gun bet I coudnt fing one with a mag




Best Answer 8 years ago

Oh there are tons of them. Take a look at my page and look at the UMP or Oodassault pistols.
My BAW is another one of my weapons but someone else posted it.
The Z35 A little overrated and a bit ugly in my opinion but nevertheless, one of the most popular K'nex weapons.
There are plenty of others if you search hard enough. I don't exactly know what other features you'd like so I gave you a good mix but I can't be bothered to find every single assault weapon that I would recommend.

The most reliable mag fed knex guns are the ones that feed the ammo into the barrel so that they are separate from the other rounds in the mag, known as true bolt action.

There are 3 with instructions, 2 on this site.  Jollex's BAS was the first one, Zak came out with the bottom loading ZKAR around that time, and I released my AR-4 v3 around the same time.

The BAS is rather obsolete right now, so if you prefer faster rate of fire, go with the ZKAR.  If you like faster reload times, go with the AR-4 v3.