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what's a good quality camcorder that's cheap? Answered

I'm looking for something thats good for like weekly vids that handle outside...due to questions i want something under 100$ and something with big screen size,hd and small


This is cheap but not name brand.

Used items are great on a budget this is an example.

To suit your needs more, you could give what your budget is $50, $100, or $200. 

Also, what features do you want, HD, Large Screen size, or long battery life?

Basically the possibilities are endless, unless you tell us more of what you want.

Good and cheap are generally mutually exclusive.

Ebay will get you cheap and may do the job try to find one you can goto and test.

A lot of the older tape based cameras are very cheap as everyone wants a solid state camera now.

You really have to look around if your main criteria is cheap.