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whats a good song to play on guitar? Answered

i play electric i woudlnt say im the best now would i say the worse i would say about intermedieat or advance. try and get something thats punk (any kind) blues, classic rock

or hard rock


Icky Thump is a decent song. Seven Nation Army, Hotel California, Crazy Train intro, Run to the Hills, Hyper Music, Scorpions songs wrock! Dont stop Believing(easier than it seems) LIVING ON A PRAYER!!! Eye Of The Tiger, White Wedding. I'm 12 and these songs are easy, So they should be for you. Eruption, Blue Orchid and On A Cold Cold Night are fun to play. Work on some scales and Tapping! Stairway To Heaven, Barracuda, as mentioned before. Just Plain learn Blue Orchid. A Rythmic, nice song.


I think hotel California is a good song it sounds nice with out the other instruments

You can't go wrong with Audioslave, usually Morello's main riffs aren't that difficult.  He's go some pretty crazy solos though, and he uses a lot of effects pedals which you might not have.  Red Hot Chili Peppers are also fun to learn, they too vary in difficulty.  The Righteous & The Wicked is a fun one, or if you're feeling up for something more advanced, try Snow ((Hey Oh)).  Recently I've been learning Radiator by Paul Gilbert, because it's awesome, and God of Impiety, mostly because it has some ridiculous tremolo picking.  Pretty much what songs I think are "good" to learn vary by my mood, the weather, phases of the moon, colour of my socks, etc.  You might also check out Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Wolfmother, Stone Temple Pilots, Cream, Jeff Beck... the list goes on.  The most important thing is to pick a song that you like enough to stick with it and enjoy learning/playing it.  Good luck.

Smoke on the water, maybe some mettalica or iron maiden riffs

Stairway to heaven.
Anything by Dire Straits.
Anything by the Ventures
Matchstick Men
Abba Zabba

James Bond Theme,
or the theme from "Halo"

hmm...there are so many to choose from, and so many require much more than just a guitar...How about "I drink alone" (or whatever it's really called) by the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn?