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whats a good way to get more power from a knex gun without adding just rubber bands? Answered

I would like to know if the are ways to make knex guns have more power without have loads of rubber bands



A few things: 1) First, you want it to be a slingshot gun, just to reduce the friction caused by the sides (but everyone knows that) 2) An efficient trigger. This is something which doesn't get alot of attention, but a gun with a bad trigger can let go of rubberbands (if you have more than one) at slightly different times, making it less powerful. They can also perhaps release the rb(s) slightly at an angle, which would use up slightly more of their energy trying to get to the ammo. When building triggers, I generally stay away from the regular 1-piece orange connector true trigger that everyone uses, and I use a gear trigger (snowflake piece with small green rods), with an interlocking gear with a trigger piece attached as a trigger (for an example of this you can see my lego gun instructables (ya, its lego, but it works the same). 3) You want the longest, not necessarily barrel, but longest rubber band distance. What I mean by this is that a crossbow will have rbs stretched in a ' V ' shape, which would stretch the rbs more than in a regular gun with the same barrel length- ' I ' shape. 4) Whatever is keeping the bullet from moving inside the gun/crossbow, you want to have the least amount of friction as possible, and I also find that lubricating the barrel of the gun where the ammo passes is a good idea, because it really increases the power (and decreases friction), and you can just clean the pieces off later. 5) Keep the ammo closest to the trigger as possible (so that the ammo spends more time with the rb, when it is giving off more energy to the ammo) 6) Even though this could require more rbs, im gonna add this in anyway: make your gun as sturdy as possible, so that you can add more rbs if you want to your gun, without it breaking. 7) Use aerodynamic ammo: so don't use a big bulky piece, use something small and sleek, which has the right amount of weight-power ratio for the gun (this you will have to test out to find out what is the best size)

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as a response to jollex, the ball joint socket thing doesn't work so well cause most of the power is wasted on trying to get the bullet out of the ball joint socket. here is my list: 1. low friction barrel ( make sure the bullet can slide through easily) 2. have as much space in between the bullet and the ram 3. don't have any places where the bullet could lower its height within the barrel, so that it would hit the piece in the front 4. make sure that when the ram hits the bullet, it has time to generate enough force to hit it aat maximum power 5. sometimes a shorted barrel works best because of the decrease in friction. 6. also, try longer bullets, dont go with the grey ones because they turn in the wind. i find that the yellow ones work best for snipers, and the blue ones work best for a pisols Hope this helps :)

I thought that smaller ammo was better because it was less weight to move to the target. The ball socket seems to work sometimes but other times it makes things worse.

The ball socket gives the ammo the extra energy needed to fire outwards. It is called potential energy. Elastic to be exact. To pull the ammo out, a small expansion is needed in the ball socket to fire it out. My physics is not exactly perfect, but try throwing a tennis ball, then again, but let your arm be stopped by your other arm, then let go. Which goes further? The stop lets energy build up. A lot of energy is lost as sound, but that little fraction of a second lets that energy be harnessed. Sorry for the essay :P

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Of course, this, and Jollex's answers assume it's a ramrod design.

if it was a slingshot gun, then the only ways i can think of are: 1. Stronger rubberbands 2. low friction barrel 3. longer barrel These are only some of the things. :)


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There are many ways: 1. Have the trigger as far back as possible. 2. Have a low friction barrel. 3. Have the ammo as far forward as possible, and in a ball-join socket.

do you know what a broken dark grey connector looks like because a ball socket looks like that but back and is different look at killerk's pistol and thats what jollex means

kind of did you look at killerk's pistol because thats what the mec it jollex is talking about

To Jollex: Grrr! I was just about to say that!!!

and Jollex, having the ammo too far will result in the firing pin not able to reach the ammo, and it wont shoot. This is what happened with my failed assault pistol.

have a lower friction barrel like the one on dsman's dd-27 rifle