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whats a simple discreet way to power EL wire in a car? Answered

I dont want to use one of those car chargers to power it or have to do tons of wiring. I'm pretty stupid when it comes to most stuff like that until i see it done (monkey see monkey do). I read somewhere that you can power it through the car door and wanted to know if thats possible also if anyone knows where a good tutorial is it would be greatly appreciated



6 years ago

Most EL wire uses 12 volts which is both the standard for computers and for cars. So you will not need to use any kind of power inverter. However The EL wire does have small unit that the wire has to plug into to work. Where ever you can get a 12 volt source in a car will work this includes things like door switches and even brake lights.

As far as a tutorial look to your right where it says related.

"EZ-EL Wire Green Car Kit Step by Step Tutorial" And I am sure there are others.


Answer 6 years ago

+1. Most cars have a tap in the fuse box for extra radio equipment that is easy to get to and only on when the key is on.