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whats an easy way to clean a shower door ? Answered

I have a shower door that I cant see out of anymore   whats a quick easy way to get it looking like new withour scrubbing my fingernails off


Once you have it cleaned off, squeegee the shower after each use to prevent the scale from building up so fast.


5 years ago

What kind of water do you have? If it's soft water then its probably just a soap scum like the others have mentioned. If however your water is hard and has a lot of minerals in it then it is probably a mineral deposit and that will require a different treatment. CLR is a product that is made for removing lime and mineral deposits. Any dilute acid will also usually work but you have to be very careful with those. Sometimes vinegar will work, (it is an acid also) but it may not be strong enough. A big caution is DO NOT mix ant type of acid, even vinegar, with bleach. That can release chlorine gas which can burn your lungs.

Mostly you get lime scale depositing from the water left on the door.

You can buy commercial cleaners but try Lemon juice and vinegar

The lemon dissolves the lime and the vinegar removes any soap and grease.


It's only soap residue so what I do is have my usual shower but also take in a bottle of Cif and a washing up pad ( you know, yellow pad with green scourer).

I just scrub the door with the pad and cream, occasionally spraying the shower on it..

It comes up a treat and is quite fun to do; I would never get round to it otherwise.

I apologise to anyone who knows me and now has this image seared onto their mind.

KInd Regards

Use a razor scraper. If that doesn't work then try CLR. You can buy it at the grocery store. It's basically like high power vinegar. Or you could just try vinegar.

Once you have it clean, buy some Rain-x at the auto store and apply and apply per directions.  It will keep the glass from getting dirty for a long time.