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whats better: a nerf maverick or a nerf element? Answered




If "better" means further ranges, the Element(Disk Shot) is better. However from what I've seen it's around 20 dollars. So you might as well go with a Nitefinder for 8 or so dollars. They are quite similar and both are easier to modify than the Maverick.

If "better" means more fun. Go with the Maverick. These are quite fun to use in indoor wars, and zombies and such. Six shots come in handy when compared to the single from the other two blasters.

If you plan on modifying these, and it's your first attempt or are just beginning. Go with the single shot blasters. They are far easier to modify and will give you less grief.

 listen, buy a nightfinder for 8 bucks. then get rubber bands and add the bands onto the pin and expect some crazy range. maybe 30-50 extra feet on top of whatever range it already gets.