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whats better rap or rock and roll Answered

i say rock but anyone can say there opionon and debate (argue) i will 'debate' with anyone just call me out



5 years ago

Rap is like scissors rock always beats it

Rock and roll sucks-things like Linkin Park And Pillar are cool but that isn,t classified rock and roll,cause rock and roll is 80,s-thus Rap&Hiphop=Better:D

rock and roll is 60's and 70' rock,if u knew wat u were talking about you would know this

I like rock, Eminem has 1 or 2 good songs but rock has 9999999 times as many better songs

The phrase "rock and roll" has been taken over by Disney pop-stars. Now, I refer it to "Classic Rock". Indie rock, and metal is great too.
By the way, rap = crap (Hehe, I've been waiting to use that one =P)

Well, considering neither of those two are the "best" music out there, in a chose the winner between two loser situation, I would go with rock.

I'd say rock. Though there is a point that I don't like either. :3


8 years ago

Rock n' Roll vs Poetry Recital. That sums up this forum.


8 years ago

70's and 80's RULE all music.
But DJ, i have to say, "lose yourself" is actually good.

I like rap. And since this was posted in my fangroup, this opinion is the only one that matters. MUAHAHAHA! =P

I grew up listening to rock, so I like rock(and you know, different rock genres) Other people I know how ever somehow like rap, and dress like wannabe "gansta" These are also the people who hate the Jonas Brothers because they're "Rock" even though that's 100% false.

Rock hands down

i only liked metal and rap togther when anthrax and public enemy were together

That's the last link, doesn't look quite so good these days. L

I genuinely prefer rock and roll, I don't have anything specific against rap but don't like much of it, I guess I prefer hearing guitars and people singing rather than people speaking fast and rhythmically... Eh also I reckon culture plays a part, I grew up in a house that didn't have a predilection to pop etc. for some time our family listening was boomtown rats, oddly now my mother's ended up liking pop and indy, I've veered off down rock and roll, kind of taking little brother with me... One took a fair interest in rap and did like it for a while but prefers his metal and rock aswell, along with some of the indy and emo-related bands about... Not really arguments there but just some general comparisons, when it comes to certain occasions, especially when I'm making films etc. I don't rule out music just because I don't like it and I've used rap and some RnB with parts of videos, because they were right for it...


8 years ago

I think it's all a matter of taste. I prefer different types of music for different occasions.