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whats the best add an aux input to a 1998 ford taurus? Answered

it has the tape deck

also, i really dont wanna spend much money as i have a a fair amount of experience with electronics and i have oodles of components laying around



7 years ago

I'd go with the casette adapter. They're cheap but reliable (at least for me).
With all the noise of the car, sound perfection isn't really the matter in my opinion.
I also tried the radio transmitter thingies, but depending on the broadcasting station coverage in your area, this could mean you have to switch frequencies from time to time. I didn't really like it that much.
Hacking into your radio surely is an option, but if you want to go cheap, I assume you also don't want to spend too much time.
For me, it's the casette adapter :-)

THere are ways to tap into the system and add an aux. input but you stand a good chance of ending up with a dead radio and having to replace it all.

This is the best way to add an aux input
, in my estimation.

It's a direct injection FM modulator.  IT fits between the antenna and the radio.  It works similarily to the normal FM modulator except being  a part of the antenna system it works much better.

Tape adapter (not all cassette players like these) or FM transmitter are certainly easiest. Especially since opening the dashboard of a car is sometimes a major production number.

If the tape deck is a separate unit, you could splice a switch into the audio cables from it to the main radio so those same cables can be used to take inputs from an input jack. If not, then you'd have to dismount the radio, alter it, and reinstall it -- or just replace it with one that has an aux input already designed in, which might also let you upgrade your sound quality.