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what's the best battery type for charging in short bursts? Answered

i want to make an off the grid power supply and inverter and i want to power it with a bike mounted on a small motor/generator that would power a battery or just something that would store that energy and then use it for a couple of lights or something. i have very low stamina but a good amount of strength, so i'll probably be riding it for a few minutes or less, watch some tv or something, then ride some more for a few more minutes, rinse and repeat. i know if i used nicd for the battery, it would last a few days because of memory effect. i don't know a lot about other battery chemistry types and i want to know if this type of charging would be too abusive for a battery to handle, and if not what type can i use?


For pretty much any sort of "weird" charging, you'll want NiCd batteries, just because they don't (usually) violently explode when you abuse them. If you used a complicated voltage regulation system, you might be able to get away with hooking NiMH batteries to this to avoid the memory effect. Capacitors will probably be very helpful in this application, but I am not particularly familiar with the nitty-gritty of how to calculate what kind of capacitance you'd need.

Lead acid will take pretty high charging currents, since they are voltage controlled in their charging., rather than current controlled. Thing is, though, that lead acid don't like to be left in an uncharged state for any appreciable amount of time, so you'll need to be careful about ensuring that they are fully charged again before you put them away for days...I'd be inclined to use an SLA or a deep-discharge (marine style) battery