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whats the best chemicals coat a match with in order to get a green, purple or blue flame? Answered

i am going to make some matches that burn different coloures to make some money at school, and my attempt to make copper carbonate by electrolosis has failed, as it turns out only copper exposed to air during electrolsis carbonated.
anyway, i need to know what will make the strongest colour flame on a match stick (probably barbeque matches not normal small ones), so that it is allmost entirely either green, purple or blue.

right now i have a 1kg copper rod i found on the roud which i can use to make copper chloride, as i can get that easily, but i have heard that it lets off toxic fume so i am not sure, plus i dont know if the matches will burn hot enoguh to make the copper chloride go green.



8 years ago

Can't confirm (as I haven't tried it myself), but google returned this:
  • 3 parts Potassium sulphate (Chromealum) and 1 part potassium nitrate (Salt Peter) for violet flames
  • Strontium chloride for red flames
  • Calcium chloride (bleaching powder) for blue flames
  • Magnesium sulphate (Epson Salts) for white flames
  • Baronsalts (Borax) for yellowish-green flames
  • Copper sulphate (blue vitrol/Bluestone) for green flames
  • Sodium chloride (table salt) for yellow flames
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8 years ago

Hit your local library for a book of "chemistry magic tricks". Colored flames are one of the standard items therein.