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whats the best place to buy plastic tubing and other DIY products? Answered

i searched a number of sites to find plastic tubes to buy for a project but i cant find any sites that sell platic tubes are there any good online DIY stores



start at ~ 1 minute for the answer.

It depends where you're located and what you mean by "platic tubes".  First I go to my local Hardware store.  Then I'd go to my local art/craft store.  Then I'd try McMaster-Carr, (which kelseymh  linked below.)  If by "platic tubes" you're talking about something more than an inch or two in diameter I'd give your local home center or farm supply a look.

Of course, it depends where you live. In the UK, I recommend ScrewFix Direct.

Pet stores are a great source for flexible plastic tubing.  Online, I would highly recommend McMaster-Carr for raw materials and mechanical stuff (nuts, bolts, pipe, etc.).