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whats the difference between C++ and C#? Answered

thats C plus plus and C sharp. my computer science teacher asked us and im just curious


C++ is a very powerful programming language. People call it outdated, but I love C++ and do not think its outdated. It is called the Mother of all programming languages. It is a superset of C. C# is a modern day version of C. It was developed by Microsoft and uses dots unlike C++. For example, to close the program you must type Application.Exit() while in C++ you must type this->Close(). I hope this helped :)

C# was developed by Microsoft. Programs written in C# require the .NET framework to run. C++ can create stand alone applications where C# cannot. C# can create console applications, Windows applications, and ASP.NET websites. I have started learning C# and I really like it.

C++ is like C on steroids it can do so much more than C C sharp has similar features but is written like java also, C++ is cross-platform, but C sharp is windows only

C++ is a much older language. It's a superset of the C language, adding object oriented features. It's almost always compiled to machine code. C# is a much more modern language, having more in common with Java than C. It runs on a virtual machine, the language itself is much cleaner than C++, and it has more modern features (garbage collection, reflection, etc) than C++. The name "C#" is a bit of a misnomer, it shouldn't be thought of as a direct relative of C or C++.