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whats the difference between a 5 and six pin transformer (for a shocker); can i replace the 5 for the 6 pin transformer? Answered

im trying to make a few of the "worlds smallest electronic shocker(s)" posted up by plasmana but couldnt get a 5 pin transformer out of the cameras i obtained. I did get 6 pin transformers and wanted to find out if i could use these instead of the 5 pin ones.



if the 4 pins show two pairs of isolated contacts, ie, the four pins are two electrically isolated circuits, then you can bind two of the pins to form a center tap.

use chicken

If they come out of a flash unit yes. How many of the pins does plasmana use?


thanks for the answer. they did come form a flash unit. Plasmana uses all five pins- my transformer has four pins on one side and the other two on the other