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whats the difference between all the 8pin attinys? Answered

i just cant find it, and yet i see  "attiny45" "attiny85" "attiny13" "attiny25" and some others all over the net, theyr all 8pin.

what exactly is the difference? and can i use a C++ program for an attiny45 on a attiny13 without modifications? and if not, what do i need to alter? couse i want to make a stealth USB caps lockers (macetech.com/blog/node/46#comment-834) but i only have attiny13 lying around. i also like the blinking, singing, marioman (www.instructables.com/id/Marioman/)  but that also uses a different attiny...


It appears:
Attiny13 = Microcontroller with 1KB of programable memory
Attiny25 = Micocontroller with 2KB "                                           "
Attiny45 = Microcontroller with 4KB "                                          "
Attiny85 = Microcontroller with 8KB "                                          "

The instruction sets appear to be the same from the cursory look over, maybe someone else can chime in OR you can just look in the datasheet and compare. Since the datasheets list all of the instructions present.
Attiny 13 datasheet
Attiny25/45/85 datasheet

so the difference is only the amount of programmable memory? i thought it would be alot more and alot harder to work out :D
well, ty anyway, gotta check if the size is good enough :P

thats close to the only difference.

the attiny25/45/85 are indeed all the same just with different amounts of memory, but even thee attiny25 is better than the attin13 in everyway except its a little more expensive.  With attiny25/45/85 you can use an external crystal.  With the attiny13 you cannot.  I also believe there are some other features in the attiny25/45/85 that the attiny13 doesn't have.  If you just want to buy some in bulk just to have on hand of an 8 pin microcontroller, I recommend the attiny25 or attiny45.

hmm. i think there should be an instructable about that, for when someones starting out with elektronics theres a list on what to get in general, and what are the best starting ways :D

well, maybe il make one when i have the experience, and the time!


8 years ago

Some Attiny's have more timers than others. An attiny13 only has 1 timer the others have 2.