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what's the difference between ionisation and ozonisation? Answered

how to build ozone producing circuit and ion producing circuit?



6 years ago

Make a tube out of chicken wire or finer inside an 8" dia
PVC Electrical Conduit with many pointed wires inward pointing.  .  A


There's this thing called Wikipedia.
But, ozone is O3 it's got a distinctive smell, and can be produced by shoving electricity through air/oxygen.
Ions are charged-particles, look at Wiki again.


Short answer: ozonisation is the ionisation of oxygen molecules.

An Ion is a molecule which has lost or gained one or more electrons such that its total charge is no longer neutral. Ionisation is the process of creating an ion by supplying sufficient energy to strip electrons from a molecule.

Ozone is a particular molecule made of oxygen. Regular oxygen we breathe is O2 while ozone is O3. Ozonisation (or ozonation) is the process of converting regular oxygen into ozone. ionisation can be one of the steps in creating ozone but the definition also applies for other molecules.

Hope that clarifies your question