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whats the highest voltage transformers have ( less than 60v)? Answered

i work on magnetic wire which gets heated when voltage runs through and i wanna know the highest voltage which must be less than 60 v a transformer can achieve


Do you mean voltage...or current, either way, the output current and voltage are infinitely adjustable when designing the transformer.


i search old devices for transformers so no i cant make one i use the transformer by pluging it in a socket and the 12v output runs through the wire which gets heated , i make some heaters this way ,but in a case i want many cms of wire so it doesnt get heated enough, i wanna know the voltage of transformers ( in electrical devices u can buy or steal)which must be less than 60 volts and more than 12. phevos

Work out the resistance of the heater, then work out the transformer you need.


The highest voltage less than 60V is 59.999999999......

A transformer "can achieve" any voltage you like, depending on what voltage you put into it and the specific transformer construction.