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what's the problem with my Acekard ? Answered

Game System: DSi XL
Release Number: v1.7.1
Firmware version: AKAIO v1.7.1
Loader version: 7/13/2010
Acekard type: Acekard 2i Black PCB
Acekard HWID: 81
Description of problem: White screen after setting my options and trying to save
Steps to reproduce: Use a fresh copy of Akaio v1.7.1
Debugged: Formatted microSD properly



Let me help you how to fix this problem,,i have tested my ak2i,it works perfectly.You can update your ak2i on your dsixl by using the latest firmware V1.89 and updated patch (after unzipped,open the folder,just copy ak2ifw_update_3ds30_dsi144_onDSi_DSXL_3DS.nds and _akaio firmware to your micro sd card ) after finished,then update your dsixl to V1.44.In all,never update your console before update your card,then your problem will be fixed.Or you can buy a new card from a store which has been preflashed for you in advance,if you need,you can reference this store : Buy Acekard 2i ,this is the place i got it my ak2i,official agent,preinstalled firmware,works great. Anyway,hope your problem will be fixed soon.

You need do a format for  your SD card, and then downloaf the latest AKAIO firmware to try again, The latest AKAIO is already V1.8.9, and you can buy Acekard 2i again because your ak2i looks like too old. and it can also work on the latest DSi V1.4.4 then,

well i just found this out if the little black things on the back are broke snap them off helped me :D

if else fail celan the shiny metal things on the bacj :D i just found that out :D

note the shinyness :D and the blue text makes sure it doesnt say acekaard.cc or you got ripped off

try the card to another ds becouse i have the same card and if it doesnt work to the other ds just buy an other card

Defective card? Have you had it working before? New problem? Intermittent problem? Other people reporting same problem on product forums?