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what's your favorite prank? Answered

Hey instructables community what's your favorite prank? I personally like shaving cream grenades or my explodin' paste recipe that no, I will not make an instructable for. -PUMPKIN$



9 years ago

Coke and mentos prank. Whatcha do is get some mentos, a liter of diet coke and a bit of string. First, you open the coke and tie the string to the mento, then you put the string right on the opening and put the cap on. Next person who opens it is in for a surprise :)

using crappy pick up lines on girls i get slaped some times

shaving cream grenade? like what they did in mythbusters? Because it was pretty lame in mythbusters.

actually i freeze my shaving cream and make an opening with a dremel, the shaving ream expands later so i guess u should just call it a shaving cream "time delay bomb?" name sounds stupid but the effects are devestating, i filled a whole closet once with just one can.

Suspend a can of beef stew (one of the big ones) in front of a door at waist level, stand on a step stool with the can above your head, when the person opens the door, let go of the can.

I just remembered... I got three of my friends at the same time with this one.... We were making dinner and suddenly I just said - completely serious. Me:"Oh, guys, did you hear the leaning tower of pizza fell?" Friends: "Really!? When?" Me: "Around 10am today" Me: "No, Just kidding" The range of expression was phenomenal. Why did it work? It passed a priori conditions. The leaning tower is... leaning. It's completely plausible that it can fall down :)

I put Water indicating paste in a guys coffee once and made him pee red.....

Bullion cubes in the shower head.... Man, I haven't done that in a long long long time.... For awhile, I enjoyed putting a plastic cup with a magnet inside on top of my car and recording people's reaction as I drove slowly by a crowd of people :D

that is a great idea, I may have to borrow that one :-) I have seen so many people with cups, purses, baskets, and such on their cars while they motor down the road......

My fav and longest lasting one was extremely cruel in it's execution....someone pranked me, and I told them they should look out for my "returning the favor". Of course, I had NO intention of ever "getting him back". He must have suffered a full month before he finally realized I wasn't going to seek revenge (other then telling him repeatedly that I wasn't going to LOL )....but it was hilarious while it lasted.

Psychological pranks are always the best

The best tricks sometimes are none at all :-)