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when can you tell an ear of corn is ready to be picked? Answered

It's my first time growing it, and they're starting to come in, and i don't want to pick them to early.


Just in case anyone happens to see corn hanging over the fence on the side of the road... Everyone should know that farmers often put a few rows of yucky cattle corn on the outside of their plots to defeat thieves. The silky fronds on top should be dry and lose their green color, turning brown. Peel one a little bit and poke the kernels with your finger. Are they still super-hard? Not ready. Break the skin of a kernel with your nail. Does it "pop" and with juice? If yes, you're ready. Don't play with them like this too often, only when you suspect the crop may be ready. They're kind of fool-proof. If you've seen corn at the supermarket, you know how it's supposed to look. You can even harvest it a little early and it will ripen a bit on your kitchen counter... so when you've got around half that look ready and half that are almost ready... go ahead and harvest the lot.


8 years ago

Corn cob you mean? When the silky fronds have become dry and brown.