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when i make an instructable what license should i choose for it to be on the search thing? Answered

if you subscribe to me you can see what i have made but it's not on the search thing and it says it's published


Between the six projects on your orangeboard, there is not a single image.

Images, especially photographs of what you are actually doing, are absolutely vital to any Instructable.

You need to go back through all the projects, make the item concerned, and take photos as you do. Add them to the projects, and they will then be worth publishing.


9 years ago

The license has no effect on whether or not it shows up on the search. Your instructable will be up soon, it just takes a while sometimes.

Sometimes it takes them awhile to publish an instructable probably due to what country your in, if they have employees doing that stuff at the moment, or what time it is for them. It should be up today or tomorrow, or possible Monday.