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when making hard cider and wind i want a high alcohol level what yeast is the best to use.? Answered



Pasteur or Montrachet will both result in a nice dry cider. Pasteur, a champagne yeast, will fit your needs perfectly. Other brands to try or White Labs WLP775 English Cider Yeast and so forth. Check out Northern Brewer and Austin Homebrew Supply online.

Don't try to use Distiller or "Turbo" yeast. I cannot stress that enough.

Yeast types actually do play a large role in the % of alcohol. Strains that have a higher attenuation rate will consume more sugars, resulting in higher ABV.

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There are wine yeasts that can make a drink really strong but i suggest looking into distilling. you can get to almost 100% if you keep doing it. its pretty easy to figure out and personally easier cause i dont want to go out and buy special yeast every time i want to make strong wine

Use a wine yeast and observe the other comments on this post. I include Champagne in the term "wine yeast" but generic wine yeast may be easier to obtain.
10% should be enough for cider, surely?


Agreed with goodgnus. Specific Gravity is key. Just as an addendum, Alcohol in concentration kills yeast. Certain types of yeast are more resistant to higher concentrations than others. Champaigne Yeast can go as high as 16% by weight alcohol, whereas certain types of white wine and beer yeasts may only be viable up to about 3% by weight. Get to be friends with your local brewshop. Ask. Maybe even join a club. It's fun....and when you get done brewing, throw a party!

Alcohol is not determined by yeast type, it's determined by starting specific gravity, or in layman's terms, how much available sugar and therefore food the yeast can "eat" and convert to alcohol. I have read that a good yeast to use for cider is Lalvin champagne yeast #1118. A good starting specific gravity for cider is about 1.050. You need a hydrometer to measure starting SG. Head to a home brewing shop.