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whenever I pump, my ripstick sqeaks, any ideas on what it is/how to fix it? Answered

I got a ripstick at a yardsale, and when I ride it, It squeaks. I think it might just be the ball bearings that need oiled, but who knows. Do you have an idea?


mine does it to, i think its the bar. try taking the screws out and putting wd40 on it.

The bar? I never thought of that, but I'll try. Thanks!

thanks for picking for best answer, did it work

Sure. And no, I haven't done it yet, but I will.

take the bearings from the wheel and remove 1 shield then grease then put the side of the bearing WITH the shield to the outside of the wheel it should help

put it in a barrel of lard for a few hours. or, if you dont have a barrel of animal fat lying around, give it a good bath and put some motor oil in each joint.

So descriptive. And also, did you even read the additional info? NO!

Ok fine. Put oil everywhere.