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where are my favorites? Answered

I have added a couple of favorites to my profile, but I dont know where to find them. where do go?


Accessing favorites is one of the "added value" features of the paid accounts.

On a side note, if you always access I'bles using the same browser on the same computer, you could just use local bookmarks instead.  Create a Bookmarks folder "My Favorite Instructables" (or whatever :-), and bookmark the things you like there.

HA!!!    Brilliant!!!  lol but I think you just made instructables loose some money. I was really debaiting buying a pro account.

:-)  There are other good reasons to use a paid account. 

The paid account system was set up in the first place because I'bles lost something like half of their ad revenue, and could not continue operating based solely on advertising.  By buying a paid account, you're helping to maintain the existence of the site.

If you write a lot of instructables, the additional formatting options available can make your I'bles look much better.  These include bulleted lists, quotes, entities/special characters, pasting from Word, font styles, and direct access to the HTML.

You can customize the format and content of the PDF versions of I'bles when printing them.

You get a supply of personal patches to which you can assign your own images, and distribute to other I'bles users.