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where can I buy threaded (screw together) tube/pipe? Answered

I'm looking for threaded pipe in small sizes (ID 6mm to 10mm) with thin walls.  Metal, plastic, whatever.  I need both threaded on the inside and outside so they can be screwed together.  I only need a small quantity, such as a few feet.  Thanks.


You can buy the right type of pipe (material/diameter) then cut it to desired lengths and make the threads to either side with a die set.

I don't have a die set. Also, I don't even know where to buy the pipe. Googling for it is actually not that easy. Any suggestions? Although I was really hoping to find somewhere to just buy it ready-made so it would be less hassle and less expensive.

As a rule any DIY centre will have pipe, but threaded might be a bit harder to find in the sizes you want

I've checked my local hardware and home repair stores, and closest pipe was 1/4 inch which is just too small, and next size up a lot larger. I've never seen threaded at all.

I did just now find some pipe online that's 7mm and 8mm OD. However, the wall is .45mm, and I can't find a tap and die set that will work with such a thin wall. Happen to know anywhere I can get this (if they even make them for doing shallow threads)?

If you tell us where you live someone might be able to help you. Like FoolishSage said you can find those supplies at your local hardware store. Also if you give us more information about your project we can probably help you in the right direction. What do you plan to use the pipes for?