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where can i buy a new xbox 360 for cheap? Answered

 i asked my nephew what he wanted and he wanted an xbox 360 so i want to get him a new 360 elite but i only want to spend like $250 can anyone help?


The way I got my 360 Elite: I found a 100 gallon saltwater fish tank on the side of the road, with all the accessories. I put a listing on craigslist, and a guy traded me a boxed MW2 with all the bells and whistles, and the remainder of his Live account! He even offered to throw in a pair of Gucci shoes, but I declined, to be fair - and they didn't fit. lol This is my advice, if you want it "cheap," find someone who's getting a new console or doesn't want to play anymore (some people do) and offer to trade something of value for it. Or, figure out how to repair them. Lastly: Best deals on craigslist are at the end of the month when people need to pay rent.

The prices of Xbox's have dropped sice 2009. I just got mine from GAME which is the UK equivilent of gamestop. You can always get a second hand one off ebay or amazon! If you want to get it cheaper, you probably want to buy just the console, and buy the accesories seperately.
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same here  look at ebay

You might be able to find a refurb unit for under $250, but a new one's not gonna happen unless you get lucky and win an ebay auction or something.

Seconded - nothing in life is free :(

That said; don't get a refurb without extended warranty - especially if not factory refurb.